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ATS Euromaster

In the last 18 months, we’ve been working with ATS Euromaster to develop and push a more nuanced brand identity across radio, to help ATS talk to people who aren’t necessarily listening out for tyre offers. Over the last year we’ve introduced a softer voice for the brand that now covers all ATS Euromaster’s activity across all channels, and worked to refocus the radio copy to help communicate their brand values as a company to the listening audience.

As part of a wider campaign, this particular execution represents a real departure from the more traditional offers based commercials ATS Euromaster have focused on in the past. We wanted to connect with people who may have reservations about garages and give them confidence in ATS, while letting them know that ATS Euromaster offer more than just tyre deals.

To achieve this we took to the streets and used the resulting vox pops to illustrate what people want from their garage. This allows us to really push ATS Euromaster’s brand values to an audience that may otherwise make assumptions about this particular sector, by using their own concerns to highlight what ATS do differently.

Coupled with the new voiceover, the feel of the commercials is inclusive and knowledgeable, and working nationally in conjunction with separate offers executions, we’ve begun the job of repositioning ATS Euromaster on air, without missing the all important opportunity to get the deals over too.

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