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navy&grey is a combination of award winning creative writing and audio production talent.

From concept to script development, casting to production and editing; the audio we produce sounds as good as it does because every stage is given the time, care and thought it needs to make sure the end product is the best it can be.

We understand how we hear and use sound in our lives, and the respect that we have for the power of sound enables us to manipulate it with dramatic results. From the simple use of trigger words within script copy, to a complex piece of sound design or music that takes the listener to wherever we want them to be.

Sound is emotive. It’s illustrative. It’s malleable. It’s the most direct, immediate and personal form of communication. We think using sound in the right way, to speak to people through their emotions, is the difference between audio that’s simply functional, and audio that is genuinely thought provoking, mind changing and conceptually groundbreaking.

This belief in the medium, this admiration, enables us to transfer these principles to a wider spectrum. We create sound design for radio and television commercials, tailored audio for websites and music that fits a brand while conveying that brand’s values.

This is what we believe in. Putting these ideas into practice is why navy&grey exists

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