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practicing what we preach…

In our last post we talked about collaboration between agencies with differing specialisms, as a way of winning clients, and a means of maintaining a constant flow of quality specialist creative innovation as the industry changes. It wasn’t idle talk.

We’re now part of a collaborative creative network, put together by ex-Leeds, and now London and Lincoln based agency Lowd&Klea.

L&K have now fully embraced the ‘Smart Thinking. Collaborative Working.’ model that they introduced in 2009. It’s a model that matches client requirements with specialist creative partners, and we’re the sound ones (along with the Utah Saints!)

Here’s Simon White, L&K’s Creative Services Director…

‘Having worked with both Chris and Ric our choice of collaborative partner for sound design was pretty much decided before we started looking. We already have a long term collaborative partnership with the Utah Saints, but the skills of both navy&grey and the Utahs compliment each other and combine very well. This offers us and our clients excellent individual specialists or an impressive audio team. It’s this flexibility and scope that lead us to a fully collaborative model in the first place and quite frankly it’s the best way forward.’

Times are changing, and we’re looking forward to the future.

You can find out more about Lowd&Klea, and the collaborative model here.

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