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a new hope…

When we decided that navy&grey was going to become a reality, we sat down and did a lot of talking about sound. We discussed the potential of sound, the ways we personally are affected by it, and what we felt could be done with it…

We’d had a few. But ultimately, we wanted to distill our individual experiences of working with sound into a philosophy we could use as a guiding principle for the work we would do with navy&grey.

We kind of managed it. It’s all a bit hazy, and some of the notes are still unclear. However, what we realised most of all, was that we felt that sound of all types has a special place in our lives because of what it is and how we experience it. And that we had quite a lot to say about it.

So, as a constructive way of releasing all the pent-up mumble we have accumulated on the subject, we are having a blog. Watch out for updates on our twitter feed, and subscribe via our RSS feed if you want to keep up to date. It may be more interesting than we all expect.

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