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Northamptonshire NHS

If you’re a regular visitor to the website, you’ll know that our last commercial for Northamptonshire NHS was a little more avant-garde than your usual STI ad. This was a result of broadcast restrictions placed on the campaign. However, the commercial that we wrote and produced went down so well that we were asked to create another one. As before, although we were promoting Chlamydia awareness, broadcast restrictions prevented us from specifically referring to Chlamydia. So… what to do?

Without being able to talk directly about Chlamydia, we decided to explore some of the characteristics of the infection. We also wanted to create a feel of openness rather than fear, to reflect the fact that the PCT’s wider campaign is about getting people talking.

With these objectives in mind, we were led to the idea of Chlamydia hiding in a biscuit tin. Obviously. Everyone likes biscuits don’t they? If you’re not aware that Chlamydia is hiding in the biscuit tin, then you could get a nasty shock. Biscuits are sex. Don’t fear the biscuits.

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