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Snow & Rock

Snow and Rock are outdoor clothing and equipment specialists. Incorporating the Runners Need and Cycle Surgery brands, Snow and Rock advertise across radio throughout the year. This however was the first time they have asked us to highlight a specific product. That product was the Polar Nap Sack.

Polar Napsack is essentially a sleeping bag you can walk around in. It’s unusual, so the aim of this Spotify campaign was to highlight the activities a person could take part in while wearing a Polar Nap Sack. To show how versatile the Polar Napsack is, we used quick cuts of illustrative effects to punctuate the voice as he listed the activities. The speed of the cuts give just enough of the effect to picture the scene, but also add to the quirkiness of the concept, delivering a product and audience focussed commercial for the stand-up sleeping bag generation.

You may not have actually thought “I wish I had a sleeping bag I could put on and walk around in”, but you should do after hearing this.

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