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Countryside Properties

Countryside Properties asked us to develop radio creative that would compliment the print promotion for one of their developments. As well as highlighting the location of the properties, we also needed to promote their offer of furnishing the apartment.

The original theme was “All you need is a toothbrush” so, rather than simply repeating that in the commercial, we thought we’d use sound design to create a standout effect…and it worked. The combination of a man in his bathroom trying to talk while brushing his teeth, and a female voice translating engages the listener, giving us a platform to convey the key messages to an open audience.

One major point we also covered for this commercial was the dreaded finance caveat. No one likes long disclaimers voiced faster than humanly possible so, we changed that. The pace of the disclaimer at the end of the commercial is the same as the rest of the ad. That way you don’t feel like you’ve had figures barked at you, or hidden in gabble; and take a sour overall feeling away from the commercial.

The result was a huge number of enquiries for Countryside Properties and a job well done.

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