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First Group

First are one of the UK’s major transport companies, covering bus, coach and rail travel. We’ve worked with them on several campaigns, specifically for their Glasgow bus branch. But this brief was slightly different as First had just taken tenure of the bus link between Glasgow city centre and Glasgow airport, and wanted to push a new service.

The brief was to highlight the benefits of the Glasgow Shuttle Bus over and above driving yourself, or getting a taxi to the airport. In response to this, we decided that getting the Glasgow Shuttle should be part of your holiday, and such a great part of your holiday, that you need to tell everyone about it. And we all know how we tell people about our holidays. The character in the ad is showing us her holiday snaps, using the same amount of warmth to describe the journey on the Glasgow Shuttle as she would use to describe the trip to the waterfalls.

The commercial conveys all the key messages like frequency, comfort and ease without directly referencing any of these key points, positioning the Glasgow Shuttle as the cost effective way to travel to Glasgow airport in style.

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