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Yeah… but how will Puma Footwear work on radio?

So, you’re here for the iTunes vouchers right?

Well read this informative case-study.

Listen to the great audio.

And answer the question below…

Not so long ago we spotted an outdoor advertisement for Puma Footwear. It was a simple shot of a Puma training shoe, along with a neon-light font stating “Here’s to the after hours athlete”. Underneath that, are symbols depicting various “bar sports” like pool, darts etc…

The poster was part of the “Puma Social” integrated campaign created by Droga5 in New York. There was also an extended film shown in cinemas, but it was the poster that got us thinking about footwear, clothing and radio.

The premise of the Puma activity was to highlight the fact that their clothing, and in particular their training shoes, are worn fashionably rather than just athletically; paying homage to those that wear Puma trainers on a night out in order to bridge the gap between a brand catering for the serious athlete, and the not so serious ones.

Although the poster does contain a large shot of the product itself, the overall concept here lends itself to a radio creative campaign. It’s focusing on the theme and lifestyle that the visual creative promotes, which is the key to creating radio commercials that work within an integrated campaign.

Here’s our treatment, click on the play button to have a listen…

Our creative approach features a sincere commentator describing the action of an after-hours athlete reaching the finale of his sporting event.

Focusing on the activities of the trainer wearer, rather than the trainer, and turning those activities into a sporting styled event gave us the platform to create a commentary on those events. This in turn allows us to use the familiarity of radio sports commentary in general to activate the listener. The sincerity of the commentary against such a mundane situation creates a certain amount of humour, keeping us in line with the original creative goal of bridging the gap between a serious althletic brand and athletic activity, and recreational use.

Although the mention of the product may at first sound incongruent, the fact that the trainers are embedded in the event places the brand at the heart of the activity, and hints that by wearing Puma trainers, the listener will also find themselves in similar situations.

When it comes to advertising clothing and footwear, we know radio isn’t going to replace visual media. What it can do is work as part of an integrated creative strategy to directly promote a situation and a lifestyle that the visual creative depicts indirectly. Radio can be the little voice that tells the listener to buy the product, the friend that nods when you come out of the changing room.

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